The Majin Buu Saga
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The Majin Buu Saga Don't read if you don't wanna find out...
The Majin Buu Saga
Gohan starts school in Orange Star Citu. Gohan rides Kintoun into town, then runs to school, because he doesn't want to be found out. He thinks it'd be bad for his friends if everyone realized he was one of the people who fought Cell and how strong he is and everything. On the way to school, he runs across a bank robbery. Making sure no one sees him, he turns Super Saiya-jin and easily defeats the robbers. He turns normal again and starts to leave when a girl asks what happened. He claims he didn't see and runs off.
Gohan reaches school and is introduced to his class. He ends up sitting in the seat next to the seat next to the place where the girl who was at the robbery, Videl (sama's daughter, no less) sits. They make some introductions, she's got her doubts about him, and people are talking about the Golden Haired Warrior, who has arrived three times in City. Gohan decides he needs a new disguise and later asks Bulma for a capsule disguise of sorts. She makes one for him, and the Great Saiyaman is born.
Videl is now bent on learning the identity of the Great Saiyaman, and through an unfortunate turn of events for Gohan, she does. In order to keep his secret, she requires that he compete in the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament, and he grudgingly accepts. Then some great news for Gohan and company... Son Goku is returning from the afterlife for a day to compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament, too. None of them have seen Goku in seven years, since he died at the Cell Game.
Gohan tells Chichi and his younger brother, Goten, the news. They're all happy, and Gohan takes leave from school to train. He asks Goten to train with him and is amazed at his brother's strength. What's even more is when Goten turns Super age seven. At Capsule Corporation, Vegeta and Chibi Trunks train for the World Martial Arts Tournament in a gravity capsule. Trunks complains about the gravity and Vegeta says he should leave, but Trunks wasn't thinking of that. He turns Super Saiya-jin, and Vegeta begins to wonder about the "Super Saiya-jin bargain sale" that appears to be going on.
Because the Great Saiyaman flies and Videl knows who the Great Saiyaman is, she demands Gohan teach her to fly. In training with Goten, Gohan finds that his younger brother doesn't know how to fly, either. He trains them both, and Goten's a bit of a quick learner, but Videl gets it, too. Everyone goes their own way to train, and finally the day arrives.
Gohan (as the Great Saiyaman), Krillin, Piccolo, Number 18, and Vegeta decide to compete in the tournament. It's agreed on the way to the island that Super Saiya-jin will not be used, because people might recognize them from the Cell Game, and that'd be bad. Trunks and Goten want to compete with them, but they're too young. They get into the children's tournament instead. Son Goku arrives and signs up, as well. The announcer greets them and tells Goku that the tournament hasn't been as good without him. He asks Ma Junior not to destroy the ring again, and Piccolo replies, "We'll see."
Hundreds of people sign up, but only a few can stay to compete. People draw numbers then get in line to test their strength. The strongest 16 people will get to compete, but has a buy of sorts, so only fifteen will pass the eliminations. tests his strength just to show everyone how strong the strongest man in the world is, and scores 137. Number 18 is the first of the Z Fighters to go up, and Krillin tells her to hold back as much as possible. She taps the tester and registers 774. Everyone's shocked, but they decide it must be broken, so they "fix" it, and she goes again, tapping it even lighter. This time, she scores in the 200s. Each Z Fighters gets in that area, and everyone's astounded. Vegeta doesn't hold back, and actually breaks the machine. Everyone has to wait for it to be fixed, and Gohan is the only one of them who hasn't gone yet. He ends up missing most of the children's tournament, but he and Videl arrive in time for the championship match... Trunks vs. Goten.
They seem evenly matched for a while, but Trunks gains the upperhand. He gets a good hold on Goten and squeezes. He demands that Goten surrender, and he'll die if he doesn't. Goten doesn't intend to surrender, though. He turns Super Saiya-jin and breaks free, which pisses off Vegeta. "That was a dirty trick, Kakkarotto!" So they fight again for a while, and Trunks displays his ability to fire ki blasts. Goten says he can do that, too, and performs a "Kamekameha," which flies wildly out of control. They decide not to use those anymore, since Goten can't control his very well. They fight some more, and Trunks eventually turns Super Saiya-jin. He throws Goten out of the ring, but Goten can fly, so he doesn't hit the ground. He can't stop himself very well though, and he glides into the stands. He stops less than an inch from the floor, but then his foot hits and he's out. Trunks wins and gets to fight Mr. . tells him to go easy on him (he was being serious, too), and Trunks hits him once. FLIES out of the ring into a wall, and everything stops. Then he gets up and acts like it was nothing. He waves it off and says he let it happen to make Trunks think he won.
The real tournament begins. Piccolo will fight Shin, Videl will fight Spopovitch, Gohan will fight Kibit, Krillin has some noname guy that he easily defeats, Number 18 has Mr. , and Goku will fight Vegeta in the first round. As mentioned, Krillin easily wins his fight. Then Piccolo and Shin "fight," but before the fight even gets going, Piccolo surrenders. Everyone wonders what's going on in his head, and he realizes that Shin is none other than Supreme Kai, the god of the Kaious. Supreme Kai tells him not to tell anyone else yet. Videl fights Spopovitch and does really well for a while. She breaks his neck, but he fixes it. At one point, she's disqualified because they think she killed him, but she stays in when he gets back up. In the end, Spopovitch beats the crap out of her, though. Videl is hovering near death and Spopovitch is about to finish her off. Gohan gets so angry he reaches Super Saiya-jin 2, and he almost intervenes when Yamu tells Spopovitch to hurry up and win the match, they didn't come here for this. He does so, and Videl is taken to the hospital. Part of Gohan's disguise was blown off when he turned Super Saiya-jin, so now the only thing covering his face are a pair of sunglasses. It's almost his turn, but Goku has gone to get senzu and hasn't yet returned. He asks for a short extension and it's granted. Goku finally returns and Gohan takes a senzu to Videl. Videl eats it, despite her father yelling at her not to. She's completely healed, and Gohan runs out to fight Kibit.
Gohan steps out onto the field and some of his classmates in the stands recognize him. They cheer him on and he's not happy that they found out who he is, but he takes off the sunglasses and smiles and waves to them. The fight starts. Kibit asks him to turn Super Saiya-jin, and Gohan wonders how he knows about that. Piccolo tells Gohan to do what he says, and Gohan turns Super Saiya-jin 2. Everyone's wondering what just happened, and some people start to recognize him from the Cell Game. Yamu and Spopovitch run out and Supreme Kai holds Gohan in place. Yamu and Spopovitch steal Gohan's energy and fly off. Kibit heals him and Supreme Kai, Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, and Piccolo fly off after Yamu and Spopovitch. After Gohan is healed, he, Kibit, and Videl fly after them. Along the way, it's explained that Yamu and Spopovitch are servants of Babidi, a magician who poses a great threat to the universe. Babidi's father, Bibidi, created Majin Buu, who went on a rampage through the universe thousands of years ago. Majin Buu killed all of the Supreme Kai's except for the Supreme Kai of the West. Even Dai Supreme Kai, the god of all gods, was killed. Bibidi eventually sealed Buu up and sent him to Earth, the next target planet, but died before Buu could continue his reign of terror. Babidi is now trying to gather energy to resurrect Majin Buu, which is why they stole Gohan's energy. They allowed Yamu and Spopovitch to steal Gohan's energy so that they'd lead them back to Babidi's ship. While on the way there, Kibit explains all this to Gohan and Videl. Midway there, Gohan asks Videl to go back, because it could be dangerous, and she complies.
They arrive at the ship and watch from afar as Yamu and Spopovitch give the energy to Babidi. Supreme Kai and Kibit are in for quite a shock. Dabura, the king of darkness, walks out of the ship. Supreme Kai explains that while Goku and everyone there are probably the strongest people in this universe, Dabura is the strongest in an alternate universe. He's been charmbed by the magician, Babidi, who can take control of the evil in a person's heart and make that person work for him. Yamu and Spopovitch are killed. Dabura knows the Z Fighters are watching, attacks, and spits on Krillin and Piccolo, turning them to stone. Kibit is killed, and everyone goes into the ship. Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, and Supreme Kai follow them in. They have to pass five stages to advance toward the heart of the ship. Vegeta takes the first stage and easily defeats Puipui, his opponent. Yakon fights Son Goku in stage two. Babidi teleports the group to Yakon's homeworld, a lightless planet in which none of the Z Fighters can see. However, Goku remedies the problem by "hearing the air move," as well as by creating light via Super Saiya-jin transformation. Yakon sucks up Goku's energy and he phases out of Super Saiya-jin. However, to everyone's surprise, Goku decides to give SSJ another go. He begins raising his ki, and Yakon begins eating. However, Goku "overloads" him with too much energy and Yakon explodes. Babidi and Dabura, who had been watching everything through a crystal ball, are shocked. Dabura decides that he will be the stage 3 fighter and meets the Z Fighters. Gohan steps up to fight.
Meanwhile, the judges at the World Martial Arts Tournament are completely confused as to what they should do. Many of the contestants have suddenly left, and only five are still left. Mr. comes up with the idea of a Battle Royale, and the judges decide to use it. The last five remaining fighters, Mr. , Android 18, Mighty Mask (a disguise donned by Goten and Trunks to fight with the adults), Killer, and Jewel, step into the ring and the fight begins. Jewel and Killer are both easily dispatched and the fight between Android 18 and Mighty Mask begins. Mighty Mask eventually turns Super Saiya-jin; Android 18 is surprised, but quickly realizes who it is. She forms a kienzan-esque attack and throws it at Mighty Mask. Trunks goes one way, Goten goes the other way, and the attack slices Mighty Mask in half, shocking the entire crowd. Goten and Trunks throw off their disguise and resume the fight, much to Android 18's surprise, but the announcer says they're disqualified, and they fly away.
Android 18 and Mr. begin their fight. The crowd is split between Android 18 and Mr. , but knows he'll lose. Android 18 quickly gets him into a headlock and offers to lose if he gives her 20 million zeni (zeni is the form of currency in the Dragon Ball universe, and 20 million is double what she'd get for winning the World Martial Arts Tournament). He complains, but accepts the deal. He throws all of his strength behind the " Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch," and Android 18 stands there with his fist in her face. When she realizes that's the best he can do, she jumps backward out of the ring, acting as though she'd been hit out. Mr. wins the World Martial Arts Tournament.
Son Gohan fights Dabura as a Super Saiya-jin and does fairly well, though perhaps not as well as one would expect from the man who killed Cell. After a while, Vegeta gets antsy and complains that the only thing he even wanted to do was fight Goku (which is why he even bothered with the World Martial Arts Tournament). Dabura stops fighting and speaks telepathically to Babidi that he's found a sufficient energy source for Majin Buu. They go back to the regular room from the environment that Babidi had created for them, and Dabura leaves, claiming he's found another fighter to take them on.
The Sons wonder what's going on, but Supreme Kai realizes Babidi's plan. He warns Vegeta of Babidi's ability to charm people with the evil in their heart, but Vegeta ignores him. Suddenly, Vegeta turns Super Saiya-jin and has a fit. The letter "M" appears on his forehead. Babidi chooses a good site for the battle and transports them to the World Martial Arts Tournament. The crowd is shocked and Babidi orders Vegeta to gather energy, saying that it's okay to kill. Vegeta, however, tells Babidi to shut up, and says that Kakkarotto is his only interest. Babidi is shocked to learn that he lacks complete control over Majin Vegeta. The Z Fighters in the stands immediately realize that something's wrong, and Mr. is shocked to see the people who fought Cell suddenly appear. Vegeta fires a ki blast at Goku and destroys a portion of the stadium. The survivors flee.
Gohan asks Vegeta what's going on and Vegeta says that he's going to fight Kakkarotto or more people will die, and Goku realizes that Vegeta let himself get charmed in order to fight. Despite discouragement from Supreme Kai, Goku powers up and tells Babidi that he'll fight Vegeta if they go somewhere with no people. Babidi transports them to an empty planet, and Supreme Kai states that Goku will have to kill him before he can fight Vegeta. Goku aims a ki blast at Supreme Kai, and Supreme Kai gives in. Son Goku apologizes. As the battle begins, Supreme Kai leads Gohan further into the ship to face Dabura and Babidi. Babidi orders Vegeta to kill Supreme Kai, but Vegeta defies him, saying that Supreme Kai is not important.
Babidi transports Dabura and Gohan to another place and Dabura says that he can defeat Gohan. Babidi decides to kill Supreme Kai himself without changing locations. However, before the battles even begin, a beep signals that Majin Buu is already at full power due to the incredible amounts of energy put out by Goku and Vegeta. Son Goku and Vegeta continue their fight, oblivious to what has just happened.
Son Goten and Trunks are shocked at the ki's they feel and realize that it must be their fathers'.
Goku and Vegeta pause for a short conversation in which Vegeta basically says that he allowed himself to be charmed after seeing the tremendous increase that Spopovitch and Yamu got. He also says that he's unhappy about how he has been becoming more "human" during his time on Earth, and that he's happy to be back to how he was before - fighting without a second thought.
Majin Buu begins to awaken. Supreme Kai decides to run, but Son Gohan raises his ki and begins firing ki blasts at it. Dabura pulls Babidi out of the way, and Babidi says that Gohan's attacks will have no effect. The orb containing Majin Buu is knocked back and rolls away. The ball cracks in two and Babidi announces that Buu is coming out, but the ball is empty. While Babidi tries to fall back onto some sort of Plan B involving the charmed Vegeta, Supreme Kai states that peace will return after he defeats Babidi and Gohan defeats Dabura. However, Gohan disagrees, stating that there's a strong power in a cloud above them that came out of the orb. Dabura realizes the cloud hadn't been there before, and it shrinks into a giant baby wearing a black vest, and a belt with an "M" on it.
Dabura asks if this is really Majin Buu, and Babidi replies that the only one who's actually seen him is Supreme Kai. Supreme Kai confirms that it is, in fact, Buu. Gohan decides he can probably take Buu, if Buu will just reveal his full power. Son Goku suddenly stops his battle when he notices Buu's strength. Vegeta is disappointed, having expected something stronger. Babidi slowly approaches Majin Buu, but Buu doesn't want to be controlled by Babidi. Buu knocks him over with a funny-face attack and begins laughing. Dabura states that Buu is weak; Buu walks up to him, vents some air, and suddenly looks mean. He gouges out Dabura's eyes and kicks him into some nearby rocks. Dabura remains still. Babidi raves about Buu's power. Gohan is shocked. Trunks and Goten suddenly stop upon feeling the new ki, and they decide to go that way instead.
Son Goku and Vegeta pause again. Goku realizes that the power they just felt was Buu, but Vegeta doesn't care. Goku reminds him that Trunks and Bulma are in danger, but Vegeta says that Babidi's spell eliminated those feelings. However, Vegeta gives in, saying that Goku can't concentrate on the fight. He asks for a senzu, and with Goku's attention drawn, Vegeta punches him, knocking Goku out. Vegeta leaves to kill Buu himself.
Babidi threatens to lock Buu away if Buu doesn't serve him, and so Buu goes along with it. Babidi orders him to kill Gohan and Dabura, but Gohan believes he has a speed advantage and tries to escape. Buu immediately jumps ahead of Gohan and smashes him into some rocks. He starts to beat up on Supreme Kai as Gohan climbs back to his feet. The fight continues with Buu dominating, but Gohan getting a good hit in here or there. Gohan is finally knocked out and a spear pierces Buu before he eats Supreme Kai. Dabura lives.
Son Goten and Trunks reach the scene and phase out of Super Saiya-jin as they land. They spot the stone Piccolo and Krillin and wonder why there are statues of the two out here. Trunks knocks over the Piccolo statue and it breaks apart. Trunks hopes no one noticed. Buu pulls out the spear and heals, which shocks Dabura. Majin Buu decides to eat Dabura.
Vegeta looks down into the hole in the ground that leads to Babidi's ship. He realizes that Gohan's ki is gone and faults himself with Gohan's death. Dabura prepares to attack Majin Buu, but Buu turns him into a cookie and eats him. Krillin returns to human form. Trunks realizes what happened and wants to keep what he did to Piccolo a secret. Piccolo heals himself and asks what Trunks wants to keep secret. He's shocked when he feels Buu's ki. Trunks asks how Piccolo survived, and Piccolo states that his head was intact, so he was able to regen the rest of his body. Babidi encourages Buu to eat Supreme Kai, and Piccolo decides to jump in at Supreme Kai's aid, but the others stop him, explaining exactly why he can't do anything to help.
A sudden explosion destroys Babidi's ship and the Saiya-jin Prince steps forward. Trunks is happy to see his father and Vegeta decides to kill Buu in revenge for Gohan's death (the fact that Gohan is dead shocks Piccolo). Vegeta powers up and begins to fight Buu. He beats up on Buu for a while as everyone watches. Piccolo comments that his strength exceeds Gohan's at the Cell Game. Buu gets angry and decides to blow up the area. Piccolo warns everyone to escape, Babidi throws up a barrier, and Vegeta shields himself with his arms. The explosion leaves a huge crater. Vegeta remains in Super Saiya-jin, but is injured. Supreme Kai is missing.
Vegeta ponders over how to beat Buu. Majin Buu pulls off a part of his stomach and stretches it. He throws a ki blast. Vegeta dodges it, but runs right into the piece that Buu had torn off. Buu tells it to tighten, and it does. Vegeta falls to the ground and gets beaten up. Trunks and Goten decide to intervene. Trunks smashes into Majin Buu, sending him flying. Goten tries to help Vegeta out of the chunk of Buu's body. Piccolo appears behind Babidi and slices him in half. Babidi falls into the crater, apparently dead.
Vegeta tells Trunks to take care of his mother. Trunks is confused, but Vegeta just smiles. Vegeta tells them to leave, but Goten and Trunks protest. Vegeta hugs his son for the first time, then knocks him out. Goten gets angry, but Vegeta knocks him out, too. He tells Piccolo to take the children and get as far away as he can. Piccolo states that Vegeta plans to die, and Vegeta asks if he'll go to the other world as Son Goku did, but Piccolo says that since he killed so many people, his soul will be cleansed, his memory erased, and then he'll start again as another person. Piccolo leaves and Buu gets ready stop him, but Vegeta insults him, angering Buu. Vegeta tells him that he finally knows how to win and says he'll blow Buu into pieces so small, he won't be able to regenerate. With one final line, "Sarabada Bulma, Trunks... soshite, Kakkarotto" ("Farewell Bulma, Trunks...and Kakkarotto"), he self destructs.
Piccolo sends Krillin off with the unconscious children and goes to investigate. He finds Babidi still alive, no trace of Vegeta, and hundreds of little Buu pieces that are quickly regenerating. He flees and goes to God's Shrine with Krillin and the children. Eventually, Son Goku comes to and teleports there when he feels Krillin's and Piccolo's ki's. They explain what's happened, but Goku has an idea - the children can fuse into one super warrior. Before they can try to put the plan into motion, the sky goes dark and Goku realizes that someone has summoned Shenron. He teleports to the Capsule Corporation and learns that one wish has already been made. Dende explains that if Shenron goes now, they can use the Dragon Balls again in four months, so Goku tells Shenron that's all. He teleports everyone to God's Shrine and they learn of the fate of Vegeta and Gohan.
Suddenly alive again (the one wish that was made was to revive all the good people who have died since the World Martial Arts Tournament), Kibit senses Supreme Kai's faint ki and tracks him down, healing him when he finds him. They both go to find Gohan, but before Kibit can heal him, Supreme Kai decides they should go to Supreme Kai Kai (Supreme Kai's planet, like Kaiousama's) and heal him there. So they teleport there, as Supreme Kai can teleport to anywhere within his influence, and Gohan is healed. Meanwhile on Earth, the kids begin their fusion training. Enraged by Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo's intervention, Babidi sets out to kill them, and using magic, speaks directly to the hearts of every person on Earth. Eventually, an annoying family who had a grudge against Goten and Trunks after the World Martial Arts Tournament, where both children defeated the two sons of that family in the youth division, tells Babidi where Trunks lives. Realizing that the Dragon Radar was in danger if Majin Buu destroys the western capitol, Goku hatches a plan to save it so that they can get the Dragon Balls and wish everyone back to life in four months.
He sends Trunks to get the radar while he delays Buu. Trunks is worried that Goku will be killed, but Goku assures him that he'll be okay. Trunks races off toward his house while Goku teleports to Babidi and Majin Buu. Goku powers up to Super Saiya-jin 2 and Babidi orders Buu to kill him. Goku powers back down to his normal level and says that he's going to explain Super Saiya-jin. Despite Babidi's protests, Goku begins the lesson. He turns Super Saiya-jin and explains that this is the base level. He charges his ki and undergoes a second transformation, and tells Babidi that this is the form which surpasses Super Saiya-jin, and that it could be called Super Saiya-jin 2. Finally, he begins powering up to what he had previously called "the form which surpasses the form that surpassed Super Saiya-jin." The Z Fighters who had been watching at God's Shrine via Babidi's magic thought he was bluffing, but Goku's ki begins to climb rapidly. The entire Earth shakes and a strong wind blows all around Son Goku. Finally, after a long power up, Goku's eyebrows disappear and his hair suddenly grows down to about his waist. The Z Fighters are shocked. Even on Supreme Kai Kai which is in the afterlife, Gohan, Supreme Kai, and Kibit felt Son Goku's ki.
Goku fights Majin Buu at Super Saiya-jin 3, monitoring Trunks' progress via his ki while Babidi shows the entire Earth the fight. Goku easily beats up on Majin Buu for the most part, and at times it seems he could even kill Buu if he really tried (though I've never read the manga of this part of the series, so...). Finally, Trunks' ki begins to move again. Goku phases out of Super Saiya-jin and tells Majin Buu that in two days, an incredibly strong warrior will appear to fight him. He requests that Buu wait two days and not destroy anything else, then he disappears. Immediately thereafter, Majin Buu rebels and kills Babidi. He then goes on his own killing spree, Babidi-free.
Having earned the respect of the children through use of Super Saiya-jin 3, Goku finally gets to training them on fusion, but before he can make much progress, he has to return to the afterlife. There, he finds out from Enma that Gohan is still alive and eventually senses Gohan's ki on his way to Kaiousama's. He uses Shunkan Idou to teleport there and ends up on Supreme Kai Kai. At God's Shrine, Piccolo trains the children himself, with help from Krillin here and there. Meanwhile, on the Earth, Buu builds a house out of people that he turned into clay. Mr. goes to his house to fight him, but knows he's no match on his own, so he does other things like giving him poisoned chocolates or planting a bomb in a Game Boy. Buu thinks is funny and befriends him. moves in temporarily, hoping to kill him later. After going out to destroy cities, Buu brings back an injured dog. He doesn't want to kill it because it's not afraid of him, and says it probably didn't run away because its leg is broken. Buu heals it, and the dog still doesn't run away, so Buu keeps it. goes to buy dog food, hoping to kill Buu with some bombs he planted, but when he sees Buu playing with the dog, he just can't do it and decides he'll kill him some other time.
At God's Shrine, the fusion is finally perfected and Gotenks, as the fusion names himself, flies off to fight Buu even though he's not even a Super Saiya-jin. He finds Buu in a nearby city and the fight begins, and suffice to say, Gotenks basically gets his ass whomped. He returns to God's Shrine and rests before eventually trying the fusion again as a Super Saiya-jin. Super Saiya-jin Gotenks is just as cocky as he was before, and Piccolo demands to know how his speed is, so Gotenks flies loops around the entire world. When Piccolo finally catches up, Gotenks runs off to fight Buu, forgetting that he only has a minute left in the fusion. He lands and yells at Buu to come out of his house, but even as he's making his declaration, he splits apart, and both children quickly fly the hell out of there before Buu is out of the house.
An evil man decides to hunt people, as they're going to die to Buu anyway, and he begins by picking off an old couple. Later, he and a man apparently under his command go on a killing spree in a city, and then eventually, find their way out to Majin Buu's house. As Buu and play with the dog, the bad guy fires his rifle and kills the dog. Buu is enraged, and goes to beat the guy up, throwing him over a ledge. Next, he runs up to the dog and finds that it's actually still alive. Buu runs out and heals it, and all is well again, until later, when is cooking dinner for Buu. The man shows up again and this time, he sneaks into the house and shoots before running off. Buu gets REALLY pissed off, but manages to suppress it long enough to heal . As soon as 's up again, Buu warns him to take the dog and get as far away as he can. obliges and Buu stumbles outside. Steam is rising from the holes in his arms at a high rate and it begins to collect in the sky, where it becomes a second Majin Buu. Where the previous Majin Buu looked like a fat child, the new one looks somewhat like an old man. They fight and the new Evil Buu is obviously much stronger. Majin Buu turns to his last resort and attempts to turn Evil Buu into chocolate, but Evil Buu deflects it and the attack hits Majin Buu instead. Evil Buu eats the chocolate Buu and takes on characteristics of both of them, becoming basically the best of both worlds. He takes care of the people around his house, but when he sees , good Buu manages to shine through a bit and is spared. Buu, now able to sense ki, goes to God's Shrine to fight the warrior he had been promsised by Son Goku.
Piccolo reminds him that he wasn't supposed to fight Gotenks for another day, but Buu doesn't care, and wants to fight now. Piccolo says he wasn't going to fight Gotenks until every human was dead, and mentally apologizes to the Earth. Buu agrees and after taking a walk around the edge of God's Shrine, he holds his hand up in the air and unleashes an incredible volley of ki blasts, one striking every single human on Earth (but not those at God's Shrine or , since he doesn't want to kill ; also, Tenshinhan and Chaouzu manage to dodge the blasts that come their way). At the end of his attack, Buu announces that every human is dead; the Z Fighters are stunned.
Meanwhile, Son Gohan has been training on Supreme Kai Kai with the Zetto Sword, which had been stuck in a mountain (and no Supreme Kai had been able to pull it out) while everyone has believed him dead. When Goku returned to the Other World, he first located Gohan's ki and came to watch his training with the Zetto Sword. The Zetto Sword is initially extremely heavy and even Gohan and Goku have trouble holding it, but as Gohan gets better with it, he no longer notices the weight. Finally, he becomes good enough with it that practice is over and it's time for a test, so Goku throws a boulder and Gohan sicles straight through it. To follow up, Supreme Kai summons a cube of the strongest known substance in the universe. He throws it and the Zetto Sword breaks. As everyone despairs, an old Supreme Kai from fifteen generations back appears. He had been sealed in the sword and is now freed. He comes to be known as Dai Supreme Kai (or Rou Supreme Kai on other sites and in some areas of this one, but Dai Supreme Kai in the show itself), though it's not known (at least to me...) whether he's really a Dai Supreme Kai or whether he's just been given that position because of his age and the lack of a current Dai Supreme Kai.
Dai Supreme Kai begins a powering up technique on Gohan that will release all of his latent power. Meanwhile, on Earth, Goten and Trunks train in the Room of Spirit and Time as Piccolo attempts to buy them an hour. However, midway through the hour, Majin Buu gets impatient and demands to be taken to them. Piccolo leads Buu to the room, walking very slowly and taking a very, very long route there. On the way, he uses his telepathic skills to warn Goten and Trunks. Finally, after dragging it out as long as possible, Piccolo and Buu arrive at the Room. The other Z Fighters are confused as to why Majin Buu is going to fight Gotenks in the Room of Spirit and Time, until they realize that if Goten and Trunks lose, Piccolo and seal Buu in the Room forever by destroying the door. And so, with no witness but Piccolo, the fight commences.
Basically, Gotenks doesn't fair too well, and Piccolo destroys the door. Gotenks ends up using his trump card, the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. And it seems it could succeed, after it blows Buu to pieces. Piccolo and Gotenks run around, frying every little Buu piece, but unfortunately, he STILL manages to regenerate. When it's explained to Buu that he can never have candy again because he'll be stuck in the Room of Spirit and Time, he gets really upset and screams about how he wants candy. The power of his voice opens a portal to the real world and he jumps through. While Piccolo and Gotenks attempt to duplicate the act, Buu shows up outside. Left without any other options, Krillin attacks Majin Buu in an attempt to buy time for everyone else got get away. Unfortunately, Buu turns Krillin to chocolate almost immediately, then does the same to all who are fleeing, as Goku, Supreme Kai, and Kibit watch from Supreme Kai Kai via crystal ball. In the Room of Spirit and Time, Gotenks finally reveals to Piccolo the results of his training when he turns Super Saiya-jin 3 and finally breaks another hole in the dimension. Piccolo and Gotenks jump out, too late to save their friends.
The fight between Super Gotenks 3 and Majin Buu begins, and Gotenks appears to have him completely outclassed. Finally, just as Gotenks is about to deliver the killing attack, he fades out of Super Saiya-jin 3. Soon after, the fusion ends. It seems the end, until Son Gohan shows up from Supreme Kai Kai. Gohan fights Buu and does exceptionally well against him, eventually forcing Buu to blow himself up. As Buu hides, the Z Fighters fly away, and find Mr. and Dende on the way. Finally, Buu shows up again and demands to fight Gotenks. The children are more than willing to oblige and form Super Gotenks 3. Meanwhile, Buu has torn off two small parts of himself and sent them around behind. Shocking the Z Fighters, the two pieces suddenly come up and absorb Piccolo for his mind and Gotenks for his power.
The fight begins again and this time, Gohan doesn't do quite so well. On the verge of death, Dende runs out and heals him, but it's not enough. Finally, Dai Supreme Kai has run out of options. He gives Son Goku his life. Goku's halo disappears, and Dai Supreme Kai collapses (then immediately stands up again, since they're already in the afterlife). He gives Goku the Potara earrings and sends him to fuse with Gohan. Meanwhile, the fight on Earth has been continuing and Dende and , who were almost killed by a blast, were narrowly saved by a Kikohou from none other than Tenshinhan. However, Ten quickly realizes he's no match for Buu. Buu creates a huge ki blast, but just as he's about to throw it, Son Goku arrives and cuts him in half, which of course shocks everyone. Goku throws a Potara to Gohan and orders him to put it on his ear, but he overthrows and Gohan has to go search. With no other choice, Goku turns Super Saiya-jin 3. Super Saiya-jin 3 Goku fights Buu until Gohan finds the Potara. Eventually, before Gohan and Goku have a chance to fuse, a small piece of Buu that had been cut off earlier by Goku shows up and absorbs Gohan (and just in time, as Gotenks' fusion had just run out, and so he was no longer nearly as strong as he had been).
Goku can't fuse with Tenshinhan, because Buu had knocked him out after being cut in half. He can't fuse with Dende, because Dende's not a Fighters-type. His last option is , until, off in the distance, he feels a familiar ki. He teleports and finds the Saiya-jin Prince, Vegeta, who has been brought back for his day on Earth by Uranai Baba. Both Vegeta and Baba are shocked to see Goku, but there's no time for explanation, as Buu is racing toward them. Uranai Baba returns to the Other World and Goku tries to fuse with Vegeta, but Vegeta refuses, angered that Goku had hidden Super Saiya-jin 3 during their fight. So Goku and Vegeta fight Buu two on one, but are simply no match. After Goku explains to Vegeta that everyone is gone, including Gohan, Bulma, and Trunks, Vegeta finally agrees. Goku throws him the Potara and Vegetto is born.
Vegetto seems to be about evenly matched with Majin Buu, but that soon changes when Vegetto turns Super Saiya-jin and names himself Super Vegetto. Realizing he's more than strong enough to kill Buu now (and Buu realizes this too), Vegetto allows himself to be absorbed. He throws up a barrier just as it happens, and he avoids becoming part of Buu, and instead is allowed free access inside. However, once they drop their barrier, they split back into Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta destroys his Potara and Goku follows suit, and the search begins. They eventually find Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks. They cut them down, and Evil Buu reverts back to the form he had just after absorbing Fat Buu. Finally realizing what's going on, Evil Buu goes inside his own head and begins fighting them. He's immortal inside his own body, so Goku and Vegeta are more or less screwed (Gohan and the others were unconscious and sealed up, even though they had been cut down and were no longer actually giving Buu any power). Finally, Buu is just about to kill Goku, when Vegeta cuts down Fat Buu. As Evil Buu undergoes another, much bigger transformation than he did when the others were cut down, Goku and Vegeta escape with their friends.
Outside, Goku and Vegeta lay their friends down and then fly back up and watch Majin Buu's transformation. It ends when he becomes Kid Buu, his original and most powerful form (though the only one who realizes that is Supreme Kai -- well, Kaioubit, as Supreme Kai and Kibit had fused earlier to test the Potara, not realizing that Potara fusion is supposed to be permanent). Kid Buu powers up an incredible blast and, realizing they can't repel it, Goku and Vegeta race away to get their friends and get the hell out via Shunkan Idou. On the way, Goku dives down to save Dende and , and then they continue on. Unfortunately, there's not enough time, and it looks like Goku won't even pull off Shunkan Idou. Suddenly, Supreme Kai (as I shall refer to Kaioubit) appears, having come to give Goku and Vegeta the Potara. He grabs them and teleports back to Supreme Kai Kai. The Earth explodes, and with it, Majin Buu, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Son Goten, and Trunks. As they watch on Dai Supreme Kai's crystal ball, Majin Buu regenerates and then begins running around to random planets, destroying them and searching for Goku and Vegeta. Finally, Buu teleports to Dai Kaiousama's planet, where he takes on the likes of Krillin, Paikuhan, and others, none of whom are any match for him. If Krillin and Yamucha were to die again after already being dead, they'd simply be erased, so in order to prevent that, Goku and Vegeta begin raising their ki as high as they can to get Buu's attention. Just before Buu destroys Dai Kaiousama's planet, he senses their ki and teleports there.
Dende, Supreme Kai, and Dai Supreme Kai teleport to a planet in the Lower Realm, but they forget , who had fallen off a mountain in an attempt to fly (believing himself to be dreaming). The battle between Son Goku and Majin Buu begins as Dende, Supreme Kai, and Dai Supreme Kai watch from their Lower Realm planet, Enma and all those in the Other World watch from the judging room, Kaiousama and the other Kaious, as well as their students watch from Dai Kaiousama's planet, and even Cell, Freezer, King Cold, the Ginyu Tokusentai, Dr. Gero, and Babidi watch from Hell (Freezer, not surprisingly, is cheering for Buu, while Cell simply comments that he's surprised there are people who enjoy fighting more than he one else says anything, except when Babidi brags about knowing Buu before disappearing to cheer for Goku). Son Goku takes a few minutes to size up Majin Buu before turning Super Saiya-jin 3. They seem about evenly matched, though Kid Buu is probably a bit stronger. Finally, the strain becomes too great and Goku fades out of SSJ. Vegeta takes his turn and is no match at all, so Goku goes back in again as Super Saiya-jin 3.
Son Goku decides he needs a minute to gather his ki to get enough power to kill Buu, so Vegeta agrees to step in, having realized that Goku is the only one with a chance to beat Buu (and also the whole "You're number 1" thing, as I'm sure most of you have already heard about). Once again, Vegeta is easily beaten up, but Mr. steps in and starts yelling at Buu. Buu attacks him, and inadvertantly dodges the attacks when he drops to the ground to beg forgiveness. And then something unexpected, when the original Fat Buu appears (though he's unconscious for a while). The fight continues, and just as Kid Buu is about to kill , Fat Buu steps in.
Fat Buu is no match for Kid Buu, but fights anyway. As the fight goes on, Goku raises his ki as high as he can, but it's no use -- it begins to drop instead of rise, and he soon fades out of Super Saiya-jin. Vegeta comes up with one last idea, and yells at Dende to go gather the Dragon Balls of New Namek. Dende and Co. arrive on New Namek to find the Dragon Balls already gathered, and they summon Porunga. The first wish, restore the Earth. The second wish, bring back all of the good people who have died since Babidi arrived on Earth. Dai Supreme Kai's halo disappears and, surprisingly, so does Vegeta's. Vegeta tells Goku to go create a super huge Genki Dama, and Goku begins. Vegeta, speaking through Kaiousama, orders the entire Earth to give their energy to Goku, but only a few of their friends who recognize his voice oblige. Everyone else decides he doesn't sound trustworthy and ignores him.
Fat Buu eventually goes down and Vegeta has to step in so that Kid Buu doesn't attack Goku. Goku takes over the job of getting energy and begins yelling at the Earth to give him all of their energy. Many people from his past recognize Goku's voice and donate energy -- Upa, Artificial Human 17, Lunch... But overall, not many more people raise their hands. Finally, Mr. is able to hear their comments, that "It doesn't concern us" and such. He gets really angry and orders the Earth to give their energy to Goku. The people of the Earth recognize his voice and the cry goes up from all over the world, "SA-TA-N!" Everyone throws their hands up and enormous amounts of energy head toward Supreme Kai Kai. Finally, the Genki Dama is complete, using almost all of the energy from around the Earth, as well as that of the Namekseijin and a lot of people in the Other World, such as Enma and all of his little assistants.
...and Majin Buu pushes the Genki Dama back. Freezer laughs at their apparently failed efforts. Goku, who lost so much power fighting Buu, simply doesn't have the strength to drop it. Vegeta orders to get more energy from the Earth, but Kaiousama tells them that if the Earth gives up more energy, everyone will die. says he can't order the people of Earth to die, and Vegeta suddenly realizes they still have one more wish to Porunga. With the third and final wish, Goku's power is restored, and he turns Super Saiya-jin. The Genki Dama quickly changes course and engulfs Majin Buu. As it falls, Goku salutes Majin Buu and vows that they will meet again. Buu disintegrates completely, beyond even his regenerative ability.
The Z Fighters celebrate peace time with a party at Bulma's house. Unfortunately, Goku stays to watch some dinosaur eggs hatch and finally arrives just as people are starting to leave. Goku tells the story for everyone, and even Vegeta smiles. Ten years pass. Chibi Trunks has grown and looks exactly like Mirai Trunks (although, obviously, differences in personality are still quite apparent). Son Goten has cut his hair and no longer looks so much like Goku. Chichi's hair has grown out, and Bulma's hair has grown...up. Videl and Gohan are married and live next door to Chichi, Goku, and Goten at Mt. Paozu, with their daughter Pan. A new World Martial Arts Tournament approaches, and Son Goku plans to enter in order to fight an extremely strong fighter.
Upon hearing of Goku's plans, Vegeta decides to enter as well. Goten and Trunks are forced to enter by their fathers, but Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, and Videl all decide to be spectators this time around. The World Martial Arts Tournament begins and during the drawing to set up the first round fights, Goku asks Majin Buu to put him in the 3rd spot with his magic, because it's an empty bracket. He then directs Buu on who to give numbers to, and when a small islander boy named Uubu steps up, Goku asks Buu to give him the fourth spot. In the first battle, four-year-old Pan easily defeats a giant, and then Son Goku's battle against Uubu begins. Uubu proves to be quite difficult to fight because he's so nervous that he simply won't. Thus, Goku resorts to trash talk, and good lord is he bad at it. However, it suffices in pissing off Uubu, and the real fight begins. Goku never turns Super Saiya-jin and seems to be about on par with Uubu; however, Uubu would most likely be stronger if he actually knew how to fight. Realizing this, Goku says goodbye to his friends and disappears for who even knows how long to train Uubu so that they can fight for real. Thus ends Dragon Ball Z.

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